Mirrors Edge

My mind is set to killing myself right now.

I’m on the fucking edge. So god damn close…FUCK.


I don’t even know what I can do here…

Just in case


I’m thinking about ending my life again tonight, or cutting severely again. Even when I try to defend the things I love most, I still get the pain of loosing them..

Fuck it, who cares, right? A big fat fuck you does nothing but increase it. We’ll see how this weekend plans out….


Today < — March 4th, 10:15 PM

I wonder how long it’ll take for me to just loose it, knowing how fucked up I already am…How easy it would be to end my life with a simple fucking push. I wonder when or if I’ll ever loose it…I’ve came too close already

“You see, our found life, with reckless apentence, you see, our found love, all these concrete places, no need for a song, when the world stops spinning for us and, you see our found love, with reckless apentence”
— Cinematic Attractions
“My death, your death, we all die, in the end, I can die with, or without you. As much as I want to, I feel you’ll end this quicker then myself in my own head…what the fuck?”
— Per Ohlin

Had a really fucked up dream I lost it all, and it was so in depth, It made me want to start to fucking hurt myself physically, but I know I can’t, that damage is just something waiting for me..

The end…

It ended, I guess…I’m trying so hard to save this and I’m starting to feel I can’t……I’m afraid I might have to make myself listen, just like last time….

Suicide #4

Thought about it again, it’s not the first time. I feel this would almost create depression…..fuck…